**An adventurous and peculiar individual who likes to seek out a good challenge. whether it be to better his own skills or just out of boredom. He'd do anything for those he calls “friend”.Sammy at first is a calm type of guy
But once you get to know him better, he’ll be more open and out going…Though he has his strict moments. Only when it calls for it. He may be nice, but it’s not something to take lightly.

  • height: 6'11ft

  • Age: ancient asf so he can qualify to be your many great grandfather

  • bisexual (but pretty lady make a him a go UNGA BOONGA)

  • LIKES: his friends, food (all), getting stronger, BAKING GOODS, flowers (any but his most favorite is Elpis flowers)

  • HATES: people who are: rude, uptight, painfully childish. Hates it when people get all touchy so please keep the distance


Classes he’s good with:Tank
-Warrior: ☆☆☆☆☆
-Gunbreaker: ☆☆☆☆☆
-Paladin: ☆☆☆☆☆
-Dark Knight: :^(
Melee Dps
-Monk: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
-Dragoon: ☆☆☆☆
-Ninja: ☆☆☆
-Samurai: ☆☆☆☆☆
-Reaper: ☆☆☆☆ (with an exception)
-White mage: :^(
-Scholar: Selene and eos DNI
-Astrologian: :^(
-Sage: ☆ (learning)
Physical ranged dps
-Bard: ☆☆
-Machinist: DO NOT give him a gun
-Dancer: ☆☆☆☆☆ (minus the dancing. He ain’t doing all that extra shit to throw a damn CD)
Magical dps
-Black mage: :^(
-Summoner: ☆☆☆
-Red mage: :^(

His class of Monk is a very special case like RanjitExcept there’s two sides of monk
The one where he can fight while keeping a very well put together Sanity
Then there’s…

So it’s better to not get him to this point of insanity and keep in mind to not take him lightly.

The Aurora

Aka Feral Sammy

Once upon a time, Venat(who was later known as hydaelyn) created weapons that took forms of peculiar beasts. Each one had a different class (sword, axe, staff etc) And Sammy (whose name at the time was Shyel Jinn) was fists(monk)…Being weapons weren’t their only purpose. It was unknown. They didn’t have any concept of emotions. Atleast all of them BUT Sammy…But Venat wanted them to have a purpose on ethyeris. Beneficial to the star or not. These particular concepts held a special meaning.Her concepts lived with all the other kinds in Elpis. Except, his kind could live in a different reality of the same area. So they could be anywhere and nowhere at the same time. So they lived in another reality of Elpis.Sammy mostly wandered around the Same Elpis that the ancients were. Due to the fact of him having a closeness to a few of them. Common ones where hythlodeus and Emet Selch…Venat entrusted Sammy to Emet to look after only cause Sammy only liked being around him.But Sammy didn’t always looked this beastly. (That particular info can be asked by me oocly cause waaaay too much to explain)Sammy can handle this form of his now, but that doesn’t change the fact that he killed MANY others due to being out of control, in the past. Even his own kind.Now there are wanted posters of this beast with a very hefty gil reward. Along with the viera form he takes now.

Art by me

Art by friends/commissioned

  • Height: 45 meters to 100 (can be bigger than that) And can adjust his height depending on who he is with


1) -"You there, you look strong, mind helping me?"
Sammy is a nice guy, if he sees you struggling with heavy lifting and such, he'll come to the rescue.
2)-“you look like a hunter” though he doesn’t do much hunting, he is extraordinarily good at it (taps his nose cause that’s his secret weapon. He can track what hes looking for anywhere.)3)- Oh you're a hunter? Looking for /holds up wanted poster of the white beast/
Sammy: Never seen it. Try the next guy.
4)- “Your eyes…they remind me of a place..And someone..”
Sammy has extremely alluring eyes. If a WOL or anyone with the echo were to look into them, they would immediately have a vision and see an aetherical sea, along with a faint image of venat herself. Not only that, upon a deep gaze of his eyes, one would feel at ease, a feeling of calm and safety. Though Sammy himself isnt fond of it. He’s more resentful of them than he is proud…After a long journey till now, he’s still adjusting to his true self. Reasons why he usually wears a blindfold. (When not reading) (Yes, he also has aether sight).

5)- Sammy is easily flustered when he knows someone is flirting with him. That being said, he usually doesn’t catch on until someone says it to him straight and plain.It’s hard to tell cause of the blindfold. But you can hear it in his voice and body language that he’s nervous. Not to mention whenever he doesn’t have his blindfold, anyone he finds gorgeous makes him act wobbly….especially women…he’s deadly nervous around women don’t get me started. He would t know how to act.

-first and foremost: I will only rp with those who 21+ I cannot push this rule ENOUGH-second, I can do dark rp, just NOT that extreme bullshit like : rape, pedo shit, racism (period) and all that weird ass fetishes (yall know the ones) Also ALL DARK RP NEEDS TO HAVE A OOC CONVERSATION BEFORE ACTUALLY DOING IT PLEASE AND THANK YOU.-third, ERP is okay-lastly, NO META GAMING (if your character wants something to do with his story, please ooc chat over that first. Like having your character having a hit out on him cause they know what he is etc..)teehee thank you for coming